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Philosophy of Fear

Yesterday I went to have you scanned and checked. You are five pounds and six ounzes, that’s two thousand and four hundred and forty grammes. The doctors all said that you are fine. I took all the premature baby clothes out and i’m going to put them on ebay, can you imagine that there are [...]

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Baby Picasso

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I think the aesthetic sense of this serious child at an age of eighteen months is somewhere to start here to explain both the development of your big brother at the moment and something about the ideas of western philosophy to you. I forgot to mention, in this house the only true subject is [...]

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The Night Feed

The reason that I am blogging the Night Feed is that last maternity leave I don’t have a record of my thoughts about his tiny highness. I was writing ‘that’ MBA dissertation, that strange strange piece of writing, which came in between feeds and all his tiny highnesses other demands. So here begins the diary [...]

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